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Product Marketing Manager


Matisse Software, developer of the Post-Relational SQL database, is seeking an experienced Product Marketing Manager to join our rapidly growing team. In this position you will be responsible for developing winning strategies to accelerate the growth of our life-sciences solutions.
In addition, you will capture market and product requirements, build product positioning and pricing, analyze the competitive landscape, manage media and analyst communications, create and deliver product training, and drive marketing/lead generation programs and other forms of sale support.


  • Develop thorough understanding of customer needs, markets, competitors and trends through market research, analysis of transactional and third party data, win/loss data, and customer surveys
  • Develop recommendations on product positioning, messaging, pricing and features
  • Translate this positioning into powerful and effective marketing collateral, website presence, sales tools and PR guidelines
  • Drive research methodologies for market sizing to drive sales strategy and ongoing roadmap
  • Provide content and delivery of ongoing competitive analysis and assessment of market
  • Develop and write powerful and effective marketing collateral
  • Serve as key connection with Product Management and R&D. Represent market input in all product forums
  • Review processes and communication with customers along all touch points to ensure consistency with objectives of product line, high levels of customer satisfaction and willingness to act as references
  • Work closely and collaboratively with development team and channel/media experts on Marketing team to ensure alignment of objectives and effective execution
  • Develop product/solution sales training, and deliver ongoing education to the sales organization
  • Provide field marketing support by visiting key accounts and developing effective sales tools

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