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Matisse Software Ships Matisse Database Modeler.

Mountain View, CA - March 7, 2011 – Matisse Software today announces the immediate availability of Matisse Database Modeler, a state-of-the-art data modeling solution for database application development.

The construction of a data model is a difficult task of software engineering and is often pivotal to the success or failure of a project. The Matisse Database Modeler provides organizations with leading edge data modeling functionality to manage enterprise data management initiatives.

The Matisse Database Modeler combines powerful drawing, navigation, and layout features with Matisse superior modeling capabilities to give an intuitive way to capture meaningful business requirements in no time. The Matisse Database Modeler provides a mechanism for customizing how models are shown for various user groups - hiding or showing levels of detail as appropriate to the audience.

“We understand that a picture is worth a thousand words, particularly when you are presenting your enterprise models to a business or non-technical audience;” said Didier Cabannes, President and CEO of Matisse Software. “The Matisse Database Modeler is designed to help you visualize the power of your data.”

The Matisse Database Modeler integrates seamlessly with the most popular IDE and provides developers with a superior modeling solution to manage their database application model life cycle.

Matisse 8.4 supports the popular platforms with Windows, Linux, Java and .NET frameworks, SQL and XML standards, and a broad range of language bindings including Java, C++, C, C#, VB.NET, Python, Perl, PHP and Eiffel. Most language bindings are published as open source software.

Pricing and Availability
Matisse 8.4 is immediately available. Pricing starts at $1,990 for the Standard Edition. Pricing for the Lite Edition starts at $125. A free developer version can be downloaded from

About Matisse Software
Matisse Software, Inc. delivers database software and services to companies that need to rapidly, and cost effectively, develop and deploy scalable applications and services. Matisse, the company's flagship product, is the first ever SQL-Object programmable data server on the market. Matisse has enabled developers across the world to implement applications and services that require high performance on complex data that goes beyond the modeling capabilities of legacy relational databases. The Matisse database has been powering mission critical systems including nuclear power plants and pharmaceutical plants for over a decade. Matisse Software Inc. is a privately held company. For more information visit

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